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Welcome to Cobra Wrap Art, a unique graphic studio specializing in designing car wraps.

You have probably already realized that our designs are among the best in the world. This is due to the fact that with our approach we are revolutionary, treating designing wraps not as a service or as a product, but as art.

That’s right –  our designs are little works of art, which have the potential to turn your car into something grand.


Our team consists of highly talented world class artists designing in various styles, despising boredom and believing that the design of their car wraps will impress customers. The body of the car is our canvas, onto which we transfer our unique creative ideas. Each design means dozens of hours of brainstorming, conceptual work at the sketchbook and the final touches done electronically using modern technology. Cars are big objects, that is why, our designs distinguish themselves with exquisite detail which makes them unique on the world stage.

We believe there is no shortcut in creating masterpieces for car wrap art.


Our studio offers stock car wrap designs and custom car wrap designs. Stock car wrap designs refer to highly detailed and elaborate ready-made artistic, world class designs, which are readily available, guaranteeing that your vehicle will distinguish itself from the crowd in the street or at the race track. Select from dozens of incredible designs which fit virtually each and every model of cars manufactured.

We offer custom wrap designs for persons and companies looking for a one of a kind design. We guarantee that your car will be a unique piece on the world stage. We are not afraid of challenges – we will execute your most ambitious visions.

If you are looking for some unique design and you have a high sense of creativity, we are a perfect choice.

Cobra Wrap Art – Make your car a work of art.


Cobra Wrap Art is a premium car wrap design studio.


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